Accessing an orchestration history in Durable Functions

One of the important aspects of Durable Functions is the fact, that you're able to access each orche

One of the important aspects of Durable Functions is the fact, that you're able to access each orchestration history, inpect and analyze it when you need to do so. This is a great addition to the whole framework since you're able to both:

  • leverage current features like Application Insights integration
  • write a custom solution, which will extend current capabilities and easily integrate with your systems

However what are the options, which we're given? Let's take a look!

Application Insights

There's an extensive guide available here, which explains in details how one can access and use Application Insights integration and query the data. There's one important information listed there:

By default, Application Insights telemetry is sampled by the Azure Functions runtime to avoid emitting data too frequently. 
This can cause tracking information to be lost when many lifecycle events occur in a short period of time. 

So it's important to be aware of this flaw and always design your solution so it's don't rely on possibly lost information.

Another important thing is the configuration:

    "logger": {
        "categoryFilter": {
            "categoryLevels": {
                "Host.Triggers.DurableTask": "Information"

Sometimes it's imporant to adjust logging levels since in Functions there's many events that are being constantly logged - if you're using Azure subscription with limits(like MSDN subscriptions) you can easily run out of free quota, what will prevent your functions from logging.


This is nothing surprising that Durable Functions also use Storage Account to store data. You can get the same results as accessing AI by going to the Storage Account attached to the Function App instance and accessing history table. Its name is listed in host.json:

  "durableTask": {
    "HubName": "SampleHubVS"

So when you access your Storage Account, it should be there:

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